Community groups

The primary place to connect for spiritual growth and service are community groups. These small to mid-sized gatherings are intended for experiencing "extended family on mission." Close relationships and shared life motivate us to reach out together to our neighbors.

Like our city and church, community groups are diverse, reflecting different opportunities to live on mission together. Most groups are connected to a neighborhood and are multi-generational. Some groups are connected through other relationship or stages of life. 

Email Hung Truong at for more information and to find the group that is best for you!

Where and when

  1. Perimeter North/Alpharetta (cc)* | Mark Yang | Every other Sunday from 5-7 PM (Demographics: Singles and families with young children)
  2. Decatur/Eastside (cc) | Matthew Brittingham | Every Sunday night from 5-7 PM  (Demographics: Singles and young families/married empty-nesters)
  3. Virginia Highlands (cc) | Pat Pickren | Every other Sunday 6-7:30 PM (Demographics: Young couples and families with older kids)
  1. Midtown/Virginia Highlands | Phil Ellen | Every other Wednesday from 7:30-9:30 PM (Demographics: Young couples and families)
  2. Piedmont Park/Metro Atlanta | Jay Duff | Every Wednesday from 7-9 PM (Demographics: Diverse group, all ages)
  • TBA
  1. East Atlanta Village (cc)
  2. South Atlanta (cc)

*cc (child friendly)