Ministries and serving

Serving is an integral part of the Christian life. In his letter to the Galatians, Paul urges his brethren to not use their freedom for their own gain, but to “serve one another humbly in love” (15:3). We are also called to serve the Lord faithfully because of the great things He has done for us (1 Sam. 12:24). In light of God’s great mercy and love, let us worship Him in a holy and pleasing way through service (Rom. 12:1).

Want to get involved? See our various ministry opportunites below! 

  • THEAtheos

    A performing arts ministry led by assistant pastor Drew Archer with the goal of bringing performances of God’s Word to any who desire to hear it. This includes taking presentations like the already-developed performances of the Gospel of Mark and Galatians to churches, schools and campus ministries not just in our area but throughout the region and country. Go to for more information, including videos. 

    Here are some possibilities of how this might be used.

  • Mercy Ministry

    Interested in serving the Midtown neighborhood? Maybe you are looking to serve your own neighborhood? Contact George or Jonathan for more details about mercy ministry opportunities. 

  • Family ministry

    Learn more about our new family ministry by contacting Pat for upcoming events and opportunities! 

    Parent to Parent: In the spring or fall we host our annual "Parent to Parent: An Informal Parenting Workshop." The goal of the workshop is to equip parents at St. Paul's and to connect them to a church community where their families can thrive. At the workshop, parents will have the chance to hear from seasoned parents and interact with other families. 

  • Free foot clinic

    Quarterly, we team up with Emory nurses to provide a Free Foot Clinic for the Midtown/Downtown Atlanta area. This Clinic relies solely on nurses, volunteers, donations (socks, towels, Vicks, foot powder, etc.), and, of course, any patients who walk through our doors! It is a beautiful way to serve our area by cleaning and medically treating our neighbors' feet. Many of our neighbors served in this way have actually started attending St. Paul's! For more information, click here or email our office

    NEXT DATE: Fall 2018

  • Women's ministry

    Are you a woman who loves Bible studies, free coffee, and hanging out with fellow Christian women? Get involved in St. Paul's Women's Ministry! We believe in fostering deep relationships and discipling one another as we walk together in faith and grace.

    Click here to sign up for our St. Paul's Women's Retreat! And our upcoming Fall Bible Studies are now posted.

    Contact Rebecca for more information on these studies or how to participate in the Women's Ministry Team!


    Our Worship Teams consists of musicians (instrumentalists and vocalists), sound technicians, and projectionists. All of them share a love for music, a passion for worshipping our God, and a desire to use their talents to serve Him. We have team members of varying skill levels who enjoy learning and growing alongside each other. 

    We have four rotating teams. Each team serves one Sunday out of every month. Depending on availability, each team rehearses on either a weeknight or Saturday morning/afternoon and then meets for sound-check and run-throughs on Sunday morning at 8:30 AM. 

    We also have several larger productions throughout the year, including our Easter and Christmas special services as well as  seasonal Children's Choir performances. We are currently in the process of building an Adult Worship Choir that will serve one Sunday out of each month. We welcome all those interested in leading worship!

    Our Worship Director is Larrie Fisher. If you are interested in serving, she would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. 

  • Nursery Ministry

    Do you enjoy Play-Doh, trains, and Goldfish crackers? If so, you will love serving in the St. Paul's nursery! Volunteering in our nursery (infants to 3-years-old) is a great opportunity to minister to our little ones and bless their parents during the worship service. We require background checks and training for all volunteers. Contact Marilyn with any questions/concerns or to volunteer!

  • Children's Ministry

    Interested in teaching children about God's love? Want to help 3-year-olds to 5-year-olds do awesome crafts? Contact Wei Wei to volunteer for Children's Church (Sundays, 10:30am) and contact Sarah to volunteer with Children's Sunday School (Sundays, 9:20am). We require background checks and training for all volunteers.

  • Men's ministry

    Are you a man looking to grow in your spiritual walk with the Lord? Do you want to serve your community while fellowshipping with other Christian men? St. Paul's is committed to gospel-centered male discipleship. We do this through shepherding by the elders, training as church leaders, and Men's Ministry outreach events.

    Every 3rd Friday morning at 6:30 AM, Men's Ministry members meet for breakfast and prayer. Contact Hung for more details on upcoming events, or check out the Men's Facebook page! Please feel free to sign-up here to join our email list!

  • HOpe hill elementary partnership

    Interested in serving at a local public school? We have an ongoing partnership with Hope Hill Elementary's Pre-K class. We support the kids and their teachers by helping with activities, reading to the students, and providing school materials. Donation boxes for school materials are located in the Piedmont Room. Contact Katelyn or Tessa for more details!

  • Reformed University fellowship-international

    Students come to Georgia Tech from all over the world. Some of them have never heard the gospel. Their hearts are open, they are curious, and they want to experience American culture. RUF-I is a campus ministry aimed at bringing the good news of Jesus to international students. Each week, there are opportunities to host or participate in a table discussion, where we share culture and discuss the gospel. About once per quarter, there are special events or holiday parties where we get to know the international students associated with RUF-I. During these special events and parties, St. Paul's usually helps with transportation and food. Contact Jay for more info. 

  • Communications

    Enjoy creating PowerPoints or being involved on social media? Put your skills to work with our communications team! Contact Mark for more details.  

  • Westminster Commons

    Westminster Commons is a rehabilitation and longterm care facility located near the church on St. Charles Ave.  Emphasizing personal relationships, we play Bingo with the residents on the last Saturday (10:00 AM - 12:00 PM) of each month. This is a great way to show the love of Christ to a community in need. If interested, contact Jay.

  • Young life

    Young Life is a ministry that believes in the power of Christian presence in the lives of adolescents. YL leaders (staff and volunteers) spend time with kids in order to build friendships and share God's love. St. Paul's is involved with the YL ministries in our Atlanta Public Schools--specifically Inman Middle School and Grady High School. Several of our members are YL students or YL leaders. Contact Pat if interested in volunteering. 

  • Wilderness Works/CITY CAMP

    Wilderness Works is a Christian organization that provides at-risk children a place to find caring adults and fun outdoor activities. St. Paul's partners with Wilderness Works by serving lunch and hanging out with kids one weekend per month during the school year. City Camp is a program of Wilderness Works that gives kids from shelters and impoverished neighborhoods a camp experience in Atlanta. Contact Jonathan with questions. 

  • Paladin Community Development

    Paladin is a non-profit organization that seeks to build strong communities by developing and providing affordable housing. Since its formation over 20 years ago, Paladin has worked with cities in the Southeast to meet housing needs by offering affordable homes to working families and the elderly. With over 1,300 units, Paladin is one of the leading providers of affordable housing. Beyond housing, Paladin also strives to be a community-based organization that offers other services to those in need. In the Atlanta area, Paladin provides transitional housing scholarships through a partnership with the Salvation Army. Paladin and the Salvation Army have a longstanding relationship in mentoring and counseling those seeking self-sufficiency. For questions, contact Phil or see Paladin's website