st. paul's various ministries

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  • Men's ministry

    Men's ministry is important to encourage and equip men for life's challenges through community and relationships with one another.

    Saint Paul’s Presbyterian Church is committed to discipling men of the Lord. This is done through shepherding by the elders, officer training, discipleship, fellowship, and outreach events. 

    For further information, contact Steve, browse the Men's Facebook page or available studies page!

  • Women's ministry

    Fostering deep relationships with one another, connecting at a heart level, and discipling and equipping each other as we walk together in faith and grace.

    Weekly Winter Bible Studies/Groups

    Life Celebrations | March 26th

    Ladies’ Socials | Spring and Fall

    Email Rebecca Duff for information about getting involved with the Women’s Ministry

  • Children's ministry

    Children are very welcome at St. Paul's! We provide a safe nursery environment, Sunday school classes at 9:20 AM and Children's Church during the service in order to help teach your children about the Bible. 

    Please contact Hung with any questions, concerns, or to volunteer. 

  • Worship team ministry

    Our Worship Teams consists of musicians (instrumentalists and vocalists), sound technicians, and projectionists that all share a love for music, a passion for worshipping our God, and the desire to use their gifts and talents to serve Him. We have team members with varying skill levels who enjoy learning and growing alongside each other. 

    We have four teams that rotate, serving one Sunday out of every month. Depending on availability, each team rehearses on either a weeknight or Saturday morning/afternoon and then meets for sound-check and run-throughs on Sunday morning at 8:30 AM. We have several larger productions throughout the year including our Easter and Christmas special services, as well as seasonal Children's Choir performances that involve our children in worship We are also in the process of building an Adult Worship Choir that will serve one Sunday out of each month. We welcome all those interested in joining alongside us to serve in leading worship!

    Our Worship Director is Larrie Fisher. If you are interested in serving, she would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. 

St. paul's internships

St. Paul's Presbyterian Church strives to be a gospel centered and missional presence in the context. We hold to the classic Christian faith as expressed both communally and sacramentally in hopes of being Christ-centered in our relationships and worship. And of course, it is our particular calling to bring the gospel to the greater Midtown community, and the special training opportunities that we have toward sending men and women into the world for the sake of the kingdom of God in all spheres of life. In short, one of our goals as a church is to train and equip men and women for service in Christ's church so as to build Godly leadership for the Kingdom of God into the 21st century.

"And what you have heard from me through many witnesses, entrust to faithful people who will be able to teach others as well..." --2 Timothy 2:2

Toward this mission, we have developed a rather extensive undergraduate and pastoral internship program that seeks to take advantage of our urban and ecclesial context. In the pastoral track, there are two focuses to the program--a learning focus that integrates theology with pastoral ministry, and a mentoring/practical focus that seeks to integrate the intern in to a holistic pastoral experience that is especially suited to sending pastors into other missional contexts. 

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