Missions is the realization of our role in the task of a God who pledged in his redemptive plan to bring all people groups of the earth into one family, one kingdom. It's our response to our Savior's Great Commission to make disciples of all nations, both in our own neighborhood and across the world.

  • Seth & Laura Irby

    Seth Irby aims to be a catalyst and a resource for worship leaders in 1,500 Cru groups around the U.S. and beyond, often traveling around the country and across the world to lead worship for conferences and evangelism events. A guitarist and vocalist, Seth has recently traveled to India for a series of 18 concerts in nine cities and is set to go to Spain and Turkey soon. Pray for his safety, effectiveness in ministry and for his family as he travels. 

  • Pete Ketterman & Sheri

    Pete Ketterman over the last decade has been working to establish an indigenously led Campus Outreach ministry in South Africa, training leaders to disciple their country by reaching influencers on campuses before they get out into society. 

    Recently, the vision for a ministry funded by South African sources seems more attainable, with more than 90 percent of support for seven new staff members in 2015 raised locally. The Kettermans are praising God for changed lives through leadership conferences and teams of Africans going out into other campuses and countries to reach their neighbors across cultural and linguistic boundaries. Learn more and give to the Kettermans here

  • Peter & Lauren Dishman

    The Dishmans in November 2015 moved to Bogota, Colombia, with Mission to the World, where they joined a team tasked with starting a Reformed University Fellowship Global chapter at the National University of Colombia. Please pray for them during this time of transition as a family into a new culture. Learn more at dishmans.org and give here

  • Manoj & Nasreen Daliya

    Pastor Manoj Daliya and his wife Nasreen work spreading the gospel among children and women in the cities, slums and villages of India, especially in the northern city of Mussoorie.