St. Paul's Mission

We exist to bring the good news of the kingdom to a diverse city.  

St. Paul's Presbyterian Church is a community of faith, which is a result of a benevolent King's gracious dealings with a People for the purpose of restoring His life-giving Presence. Therefore, people can experience the goodness and hope of His Rule & Blessing. This is the reality that Jesus envisioned when beginning His ministry by stating, "Behold, the kingdom of God is at hand."  It was His life, death, and resurrection that made it possible for this spiritual reality to be ushered into our earthly existence.  Our hearts' desire and prayer is to be a vehicle of God's presence so that together, we might begin to experience and share this kingdom existence. 

The Kingdom is not just a 'pie in the sky' vision that we are left waiting for until we die. Instead, it is an 'experience' of living in communion with the glorious Son of God as He engages with us via His Gospel, Mission, Community, Spirit, and Truth.  More than some religious abstraction set amidst ceremony and tradition, we desire a personal encounter with the risen Lord Jesus. Our hope is that through the promises of God in Scripture, by faith in Christ Jesus, we might “become partakers of the divine nature” (2 Peter 1:4). This is St. Paul’s vision for our city: the glory of Christ – the visible presence of the transcendent God – would be our glory. That the saving power and transforming love of God would be made real in every aspect of our lives, our families, and our communities.

What would it mean to proclaim the gospel – the grace and truth of Jesus – with our lives? How might that look? Simply stated, it would transform everything in and around us. It would breathe new life, instill new hope, and impart new purpose. Its redemptive effects would reach all of Midtown, indeed, all of Atlanta – from the poor, homeless and sexually broken, to the elderly, un-churched and disillusioned. And it would create a church community worth knowing and seeking.

St. Paul's Spiritual Core Values

St. Paul's desire to be a kingdom-oriented community is centered in being deeply connected to its King, Jesus Christ. Thus, we aim to focus our lives via the means Christ gave us to be in communion with Him:

  • GOSPEL: The Gospel is not only the ABC’s, but the A to Z’s of the Christian life. It is not only a provision to enter heaven based on grace through faith, it is also the vehicle God gives us to live more freely from the impact of sin and to be transformed from the inside-out. Thus, the “inward” and "outward" person gets touched and the spiritual, emotional, physical, vocational, and financial get addressed. The Gospel therefore provides a holistic vision of life, empowering us in Christ from spiritual conversion to mature discipleship.  

  • MISSION:  More than a church that does missions, which we do, we believe the biblically-designed church is the focus of mission. The Church being the Church is the missionary, as the Lord Jesus makes Himself present in, with, and through His body.  The body of Christ, then, becomes the very life giving and mediated presence of Christ. All this with the whole world present is God’s missionary strategy to the world (John 1:14, 20:21).

  • COMMUNITY:  A Church where community really matters. This community formation occurs where Christ our King is worked out through life-on-life relationships and holistic empowerment under the shepherding care of Christ’s servant leaders. (John 13:34, Gal. 6:2, 1 Peter 5:1-5)

  • SPIRIT:  Sacramental spirituality wherein Christ our Priest is “fleshed out”, via the Holy Spirit, in a carefully designed four movement worship service that follows a gospel logic. Sacramental worship will include participating in the sacraments weekly and throughout the week in our contextualized Community Groups (1 Cor. 10:14-17, Heb. 12:22-24, Rev. 4-5).

  • ANCIENT CONVERSATION:  Listening for the Word of Christ, we seek to hear God’s voice in expositional preaching and teaching. The Scripture is our only rule of faith and practice. Even so, we want to humbly read and interpret the Scripture with the consensus of the church, that has been passed down from every age and place through the use of “confessions”. Our consensus is reflected in the Westminster Confession of Faith, which is consistent with other familiar creeds such as the Apostles’ and Nicene creeds. We strive to apply our beliefs to all of life and reflect the very Spirit of the Kingdom.